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Barrosinha Alentejo - Herdade da Barrosinnha

Barrosinha Alentejo - Herdade da Barrosinnha

At Herdade da Barrosinha founded in 1947, Companhia Agrícola da Barrosinha, SA has a built heritage that still reflects the activities of the past and its importance from a historical and cultural point of view.

In addition to tourism, agricultural, forestry and hunting activities, including the production of wine, cattle, rice, cork, pine cones and hunting.

When touring the estate we can also find several Alentejo mountains, two chapels (Our Lady of Conceição and Senhor dos Chagas), small vegetable gardens (owned by residents), a wine cellar and the village of Barrosinha.

The landscape diversity, responsible for its wealth of fauna and flora, is largely due to the fact that it runs along 8 km of the Sado River, and is made up of areas of rice fields, vineyards (100 ha), mountains and reservoirs, each with its characteristics and particularities.

The Tour begins at Herdade da Barrosinha with the reception of cycle tourists at the wine store.

The route will be approximately 20 km long. Duration: around 3h. Difficulty level: Moderate/Easy.

Group size: minimum 6 and maximum 10 participants. After the reception and welcome, a briefing to present the procedures and a short training on how to use bicycles follows.

Between a landscape of mountains and Alentejo cork forests, you will find the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição das Chagas, where the view over the rice fields in perfect symbiosis with the River Sado, continuing towards Vale de Guiso, is the small villages of Arouca and Sapalinho and Vale de Guiso Where the Sado river is the main resident!!

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