About Us

Happy Trails Portugal is born from the experience of a group of friends passionate about nature, group activities, family and adventure. The passion for discovering and exploring the most diverse hidden landscapes in Portugal was the main motivation for creating Happy Trails Portugal.

Aware of existing environmental problems, as well as the preservation of diverse landscapes and natural habitats, Happy Trails Portugal aims to provide all its customers with a conscious and responsible experience capable of guaranteeing environmental preservation.

Through sustainable mobility, Happy Trails Portugal's main mission is to provide all its customers with a diversity of sustainable experiences in the heart of Portuguese nature.

E-bike Eco-tours significantly reduce the level of difficulty of the experience, and can be carried out by anyone, regardless of whether they practice sports or not. Sharp climbs and pain after a simple traditional bike ride are no longer a problem.

During an eco-tour, Happy Trails Portugal customers will be able to carry out a range of activities in addition to the tour, from wine tasting, brunches and picnics, gastronomic tastings, among many others. With Happy Trails Portugal's network of partners, it won't be just a simple one-day or weekend experience, but rather an experience lasting one or more weeks.

From landscape to landscape there is a story that is created, a happiness that is shared, moments that are lived.

Happy Trails Portugal – Tours With Stories