Bicycle Rental in Portugal

Moments of sustainable adventure accessible to everyone who visits us in Portugal. With FIIDO bikes you will be able to leave your car aside and let yourself be carried away by the wonderful landscapes that Portugal has to offer.

Happy Trails Portugal Bicycles are perfect for independent travelers who want to explore every corner without needing to use public transport or vehicles to get around the city.

If space to transport your bike is a problem, when renting bikes with Happy Trails Portugal you will be able to go to the starting point of your trip and meet one of our employees who will deliver the bike to you and collect it after the trip. Your trip. You don't have to worry about anything else!


A powerful model for all types of terrain and adventure. With a 500w motor, climbing has never been so easy.

  • Up to 130km of autonomy
  • 500W motor power
  • Up to 25km/h maximum speed

Fiido M21

A powerful model for all types of terrain and adventure. The M21, despite having less autonomy, is designed for a more comfortable experience thanks to its smoother and lighter start-up.

  • Up to 100km of autonomy
  • 500W Motor Power
  • Up to 25km/h Maximum Speed


  • + Cheap
  • You get where cars can't
  • You don't have any problems with traffic
  • Autonomy and comfort
  • You don't need physical preparation
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly


  • Book in advance the place and time where you would like to start your trip, through our website (here). – Service available within a 30km radius;
  • Book through our contact (+351 939 454 397)
  • Pricing for 2h – €25
  • Pricing for 3h – €30
  • Pricing for 1 day (8h) – €60